Check out our new YouTube playlist – Dr. Deltoff’s 30 Second Back Tips.  Dr. Deltoff will be posting a new tip every week to help you take the stress off your back during daily activities.

Our first video describes how to stand with proper balance in order to reduce stress on your back and pelvis.

Whenever you are standing, whether in line at a theatre, holding a child or washing dishes, for example, always follow the same pattern – keep your feet approximately shoulder width apart, with one foot slightly in front of the other and your knees unlocked.  Not only will this give you side to side balance but also front to back balance.  

Also, you can change your forward foot from time to time to avoid fatigue.  For extra relief on your back and pelvis, put one foot on a low step (eg. stool or shelf under the sink).  And, if you are standing for a long time at a counter, you may consider buying an anti-fatigue mat.

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30 Second Back Tips: Proper Standing

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