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The Antalgic Trak spinal decompression chair

When researching which spinal decompression clinic, or machine, is best for you, there are few things to consider.

1.  Experience –  It is important to see a practitioner who has experience in utilizing this technology in order to give you the best treatment for your specific condition.

2.  Equipment – There are generally 2 main mechanisms of decompression therapy.  The winch and pulley mechanism attaches a harness to a rope which is tethered to a motor at the end of your feet.  This only allows for pull in one direction – along the length of the body.  The other mechanism is direct pull whereby the traction is applied directly to the region being treated, that is the harness is attached directly to the machine.  This allows for some machines to be able to bend or twist in order to access different parts of the spine.  The Antalgic Trak, for example, uses a screw actuator which allows for a more precise pulling action.

3.  Service – See who does the treatment.  Is it the doctor? a staff member? a receptionist?  Having too many people perform treatment causes a lack of consistency between therapeutic sessions.  Also, check if other modalities or therapies are included in your decompression sessions.  Check to see if other services such as physiotherapy and massage therapy are available.

4.  Affordability – Spinal decompression therapy is not an inexpensive therapy.  This is due to the fact that machines are very expensive and there is a lot of time and expertise afforded to this treatment.  But if finances are an issue, feel free to discuss this with the clinic.  Most clinics offer reduced fees with upfront payment.  Fees may vary from clinic to clinic.

5.  Location –  Generally, a regimen of spinal decompression treatments include approximately 20 sessions.  Many people will travel for this unique therapy but general location may be an issue for some.  Make sure that you are able to keep your visits and location is not a factor.

At Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre, we will do the utmost to ensure that your spinal decompression therapy is of maximum benefit.

5 things to consider when choosing a Spinal Decompression Clinic in Toronto
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