Spinal Decompression Toronto - Antalgic Trak

Spinal decompression is an advanced form of traction therapy.  With computer assistance, the spine is gently stretched and released helping to rehydrate degenerated discs and to relieve pressure from bulging discs.  Antalgic-Trak is a unique spinal decompression device.  It is the only decompression chair in the world and we are the only clinic in Toronto to offer this revolutionary therapy.



Antalgic Trak is different from all other decompression devices. 
It was designed by experienced clinicians and robotic engineers.


The Antalgic-Trak’s greatest advantage is its unique multi-directional capability which enables us to position your spine into a variety of postures.  The neck and low back sections can each move in 10 different directions.  Gentle range-of-motion therapy using the moveable sections can also be applied as your spine is being decompressed.  These technical innovations help to improve and restore joint function and disc health.

This results in a level of precise targeting of the problem area which is unobtainable with other decompression tables.  This improved efficiency allows us to use less force to achieve better results.

Another unique feature is that the therapy can be done in an inclined position which is helpful if you cannot lie in a horizontal position.  Decompression can be performed in all ranges of motion (eg. side bending or rotation) allowing us to reach all aspects of the discs and joints.  As well, the computer programming is extremely versatile, allowing us to treat conditions that are acute or chronic.


What if I’m in pain and I can’t lie in a comfortable position?

Antalgic-Trak begins in a seated posture and you are then gently moved to a horizontal position.  If you cannot lie horizontally, the treatment can be applied at any angle.  The Antalgic-Trak can make you comfortable by positioning itself into your “condition posture” (how you bend or lean to avoid pain).  Initially, Antalgic-Trak duplicates that posture.  As you improve, we begin to move the adjustable sections back towards a normal, neutral spinal posture.

Doctors and therapists have embraced this new and improved technology and hail its creation as one of the most dramatic improvements in non-surgical spinal therapy ever.

  The sophisticated state-of-the-art, articulating features have changed everything.

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