Spinal Decompression Toronto - Impulse IQ

Some people either do not like getting manual adjustments (with the ‘popping’ or ‘cracking’ sound) or cannot have it done.  With this in mind, people can be adjusted with an instrument which eliminates the twisting or bending which is sometimes necessary with manual adjusting.

The Impulse IQ is a highly sensitive electronic adjusting instrument.  Microprocessors allow the device to receive feedback while applying comfortable microadjustments to the joint.

The Impulse IQ instrument adjuster, created by Neuromechanical Innovations, was developed through research by world-renowned chiropractors, orthopedists and PhD’s.

There are other adjusting instruments on the market, but many instruments are manual in that the practitioner sets the tension and then has to ‘fire’ the device by hand delivering a single ‘thrust’.  The Impulse IQ can be set to 3 specific forces (for neck, mid back and low back) and the instrument fires multiple thrusts at varying frequencies depending on how the joint is moving.  The best part is, the instrument ‘knows’ when the adjustment is complete.


Embedded within Impulse iQ is a motion sensor and micro-computer. As the adjustment thrust is delivered, the amount of spinal motion and the frequency of motion are determined in real-time. As the spine rebounds, data is fed into the micro-computer. Auto-sense technology sets the frequency of subsequent thrusts. Adjusting ceases automatically when motion is maximized.