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K. M., Toronto

I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Deltoff or Dr. Arnie as I like to call him, after I conducted an extensive search to find a new Chiropractor and one who did spinal decompression treatments.  Particularly in my search I was seeking a Chiropractor who had a decompression system that was better than the flimsy tables which while I had some positive outcome while having treatments with another Chiropractor until the drive/commute became too challenging, but I had found that the table set-up was not ideal as my head often would slip out of the flimsy strap and so the treatments were not ideal. 

Little did I know when I found Dr. Arnie and his rather interesting machine called “Antalgic-Trak” which almost looked like an amusement park ride, little did I know almost two years ago that I would have achieved such great levels of relief from my treatments with him for my cervical injury (C4-C5-C6). 

When I had initially met Dr. Arnie for my assessment, I found him to be very kind, compassionate, courteous, incredibly knowledgeable and very willing to try to work with me to come up with some sort of treatment schedule that would fit my budget.  Dr. Arnie even provided me a 7 minute trial treatment on the “Antalgic-Trak” machine and I must say that going into the treatment I was very sceptical that a 7 minute treatment would do anything or that the odd looking machine would be effective as it really did seem like a fun amusement park ride, but for me all I knew when I left the assessment appointment as I was driving home I was acutely aware that the nagging pain in my neck had dissipated and my neck seemed lengthened.  Naturally, this effect did wear off but through time and I’ve had gaps in treatments, I’ve found that I’ve achieved great results. 

Thank you Dr. Arnie for being such a wonderfully caring clinician and for continuing to seek out new and inventive treatment modalities.  I feel very fortunate to have found you and your clinic and I would highly recommend Dr. Arnie to anyone seeking to find something different and unique in their road to healing.

 Jane C., Toronto

Thank you very much for a very effective treatment yesterday; the pain was immediately relieved on my neck and upper and lower back.  The pain was intense before your treatments.  Overall, your treatment yesterday was impressive and very effective.  I could tell that you are an expert and have lots of clinical experience and professional skills.  I am grateful to have you as my doctor.  Thank you!

Janet Campbell, Toronto

Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre Testimonial

I spent two months in severe pain from an injury earlier this summer. Because I have spinal stenosis, my doctor prescribe painkillers and I went to physiotherapy. In desperation I went online to find out about decompression therapy. Dr. Deltoff consulted with me at length and with great compassion and knowledge. He was able to determine from looking at my x-ray film, and reading an earlier MRI, that decompression would not be appropriate. However he used ultrasound and acupuncture and diagnosed piriformis syndrome. Within 2 weeks the pain in my hip and limp in my left leg was reduced by 75%. I now feel confident in a total recovery and feel grateful to have found Dr. Deltoff at the Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre. Thank you so much!

J.J., Toronto

It is a pleasure for me to provide a summary of my experience at the Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre. I have been a patient of this Centre since November of 2013.

In terms of my background, I am a 57 year old man with a sedentary office job that includes substantial time on the computer, desk work and many meetings. However, throughout my life I have been quite active physically participating in such activities as regular running, fitness training, recreational sports and yoga. All together these activities are usually done 3-4 times per week.

I began experiencing neck, shoulder and upper back pain 8 years ago, in 2007. This pain had persisted and progressively worsened over the next few years. In 2009, I went to my family doctor for an assessment and follow up diagnostics. At that time, through x-rays, MRI and neuro-diagnostics (eg EMG), I was diagnosed as having mild to severe degenerative changes and spinal stenosis, in my neck, at the levels of C3 to C7 with a specific severe degeneration on the left side of my C-spine at C5-6. Diagnostic images of my C-spine showed small osteochodral bars and neural foraminal narrowing at various points. In addition to the pain, I was often experiencing tingling in my hands. Given the nature of my diagnosis, my family doctor referred me to a neurologist and a neurosurgeon for consults. Both of these specialists agreed that surgery would not be recommended and that I should first exhaust all conservative treatments such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, etc. along with pain killers when needed. After various trials with physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage that resulted in some improvements, I finally decided to see a chiropractor as my pain levels, although now centralized to the neck area, were persisting and only really helped with pain killers, on a short term basis. My goals were to minimize the pain, learn how to manage it better while maintaining my active lifestyle and to prevent it from getting worse in the future. Under the care of a chiropractor, I began a course of spinal decompression and strengthening exercises. Within a couple of months, my pain levels had dropped and I was beginning to see improvements but they were not sustained beyond a week or two at a time. In Spring of 2013, my chiropractor decided to close her office and relocate, which forced me to look for care elsewhere. By the Fall of 2013, my neck pain had returned to unbearable levels and only managed through the use of pain killers.

Since I had had some positive results with spinal decompression therapy, I scanned the internet for a chiropractic office that included this service, in addition to other supports that might help me. Fortunately I found the Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre, located at the corner of Bathurst and Finch and promptly booked an initial assessment with Dr. Arnie Deltoff, Chiropractor. After the assessment, Arnie recommended a spinal decompression course, chiropractic treatments and massage. He referred me to Mrs. Odette Mendelovits, Registered Massage Therapist, at the Centre to focus primarily on my neck area. Over the last year and half, I have completed one full course of spinal decompression treatment (12 sessions), and have had regular chiropractic treatments and massage therapy, along with stretching and strengthening exercises at home. The results have been remarkable: my pain level has reduced substantially and periods of no pain are being sustained for longer and longer time periods. The number of pain killers taken per month, for neck pain, have reduced from 7-8 per month to 1-2 per month. The time periods between episodes or spikes of pain have increased from about 5 days to a recent high of 26 days. I have not experienced any tingling in my arms and hands for over a year now. My August 2009 MRI tests were repeated in September of 2014 to see if there had been any substantial changes over the 5 year period; the results showed that “there had been no significant interval change”. I continue to lead a very active lifestyle and still enjoy all the physical activities I have been involved in for years.

My experience at the Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre has been very positive. Arnie, Odette and the Centre’s Team have been extremely helpful and responsive to my needs. I have been able to book appointments outside of my normal work days, either at the end of the day during the week or on Saturdays. At times, Arnie and Odette have changed their schedules to accommodate me. Treatments have been provided on time with no waiting. In addition to the clinical care, they have provided me with the appropriate knowledge and education to be able to better manage my condition. Odette has taken the time to specifically explain the impacted muscle groupings and to teach me the stretching exercises I need to sustain my positive results. I have appreciated her abilities to zero-in on the root causes of my pain and to recommend changes. I have been impressed by Arnie’s gentle approach to a very sensitive area in my neck and have appreciated his professional reviews and explanations of my issues and concerns. I do believe that with Arnie’s and Odette’s ongoing support, I am able to substantially reduce my pain level and control it to a point where I can continue to lead an active life. In order to successfully manage my condition, continuity of care and support is important to me and I certainly appreciate my regular contact with the Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre.

Arthur Little, Toronto
I wanted to let you know that my neck, shoulder, back and arm pain for the most part has gone away. You are a miracle worker! Thanks for your help.

Hans K., retired, Toronto

The pain started in the hip and the muscles around it but then extended into the pelvis, the lower and eventually the whole back.  Physical therapy sometimes gave temporary relief but was never permanent.  Overall the back pain developed into my biggest problem, pelvis and hip being more bearable.

After 8 treatments with Arnie’s spinal decompression therapy, the back pain is practically gone, the pain in the pelvis reduced.  Hip pain still occurs, but less frequently.  Thank you, Arnie.

Murray Poizner, retired engineer, Toronto

I have been a patient at Dr. Deltoff’s office for many years and have seen Arnie on occasion.  I am 84 years old and have an inflammatory condition that causes muscle pain and stiffness.  Recently, I was getting pain in my left shoulder with tingling down my arm into my thumb and forefinger.  After a few sessions, my tingling was under control and I was feeling much better.  I have incorporated massage into my treatment as well and am now coming in for weekly maintenance and my symptoms are completely gone.  I feel the best I`ve felt in years.  Arnie is very caring and takes his time making sure I’m comfortable with each treatment.  Thanks very much.

Sheldon L., Toronto

Why Welcome Back? Why Arnie? Besides being a very good man, a seeming rarity these days, Arnie is a superb clinician and in fact a pioneer in his field of chiropractic care. While not a clinician myself, I have been a chair and vice of two medical colleges and currently a director on a patient advocacy board. Most importantly, I have been involved in two MVA’ s (motor vehicle accidents), one as a pedestrian and more recently (3 1/2 years ago) my vehicle was hit from behind. The latter created a whirlwind of new problems and re-aggravation (reactivation) of old spinal maladies.  My recovery from my first injuries was a long and painful road.

I believe, without any doubt, that Arnie saved my life with his treatments and unequalled professional care.  How can a chiropractor save one’s life? Arnie, along with my efforts deeply encouraged by Arnie, changed my quality of life so significantly that I would not have survived the pain and physical limitations.  Arnie used every technique possible to help repair my broken body.+Other clinicians utilize decompression, but Arnie loves technology and strives to provide his patients with the most current and modern modalities (methods) to give his injured clients the best possible outcomes for recovery.  The Antalgic-Trak [spinal decompression chair] provides the potential for rehabilitation that is unequalled. Simply, this technology and its use, made recovery of the use of my neck especially possible.

Had I never met Arnie, my life would be extremely different, in a horribly negative way. I am definitive proof of my statements validity.  After my second MVA, I did not demand strongly enough to my GP or referred clinic’s lawyers to have Dr Deltoff oversee my medical rehabilitation.  My life became a nightmare of pain, and desperation.  My circumstances were so dire that depression began to overwhelm me which led to a life crushing addiction. After over a year of sobriety, allowing clarity of thought, I sought out Arnie.  He welcomed me with open arms and invested himself in understanding my current situation. He used the very definition of best practices and got to work trying to provide relief.

My recovery has just begun again.  There is no other chiropractor that I will allow to touch my neck (especially) or do spinal manipulation.  He is simply the most committed and technically brilliant clinician I have had the privilege and good fortune to have been treated by in all my experience.  So why Arnie?  Because I trust him with my wellness, with my life.   Simply because he has helped me get it back already once and I am confident he will do whatever is available in his profession and experience with his science, personal care and maybe some magic to help me again.  So yes he saved my life not just the quality, but its existence.  I am forever grateful.

Michelle Waugh, Toronto

For the past few years, I’ve been suffering bad headaches.  I tried every pill over the counter, but nothing seemed to work.  I went to see my doctor.  I told him how often I am getting headaches.  He had me get some tests done and he told me I had migraines.  He started to treat me with all different types of prescriptions for migraine but nothing seemed to work.  Then, finally, I was told by one of my co-workers to go to the Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre.  He told me they would help me with my headaches.  I took his advice and went there.  It was the best decision I ever made.  My headaches started to decrease within one week of my treatment.  I usually get headaches 3 or 4 times a week.  Now, no more – I feel great!

Louise L., Oakville

I have always worked other than my child rearing days, until my accident.  Since June 14th, 2007,  I have been in severe pain in my neck and lower back.  I was rear-ended at a red light in a company vehicle.   On oodles of meds for my pain and recently an epidural for pain.   This past week I have been on a journey that I feel was mapped out for me.

I had Dr. Marshall Deltoff, chiropractic radiologist, update my x-ray/MRI reports from 1998 to 2012 to see my spine progression since my accident.  I had a surgeon appointment to evaluate my lumbar spine; my husband and I were told my back was so bad that my option for surgery was total lumbar spine fusion.  This would be a 6-7 hour operation with the opinion I could result in having more pain and that recuperation would be that I would be out of commission body-wise for 6 months.

When picking up my reports from Dr. Marshall Deltoff, he mentioned and thought strongly I would be a candidate for his brother, Dr. Arnie Deltoff’s decompression chair.  On Monday morning, I called Dr. Arnie Deltoff’s practise, got in, had a assessment, climbed in the chair for a 10 minute test drive. 

Got out of the chair and OUT OF PAIN by 60%.   With that result I have been in his chair for four consecutive daily treatments.  My severe lumbar spine pain is gone.   I feel I could golf if our weather would cooperate here in Ontario Canada.  If I can be treated with such positive results – wow, how many North Americans could have the same non-invasive treatment and be well.

Gerald L., Sudbury

My name is Gerald L. and I live in Sudbury Ont.  I worked in a surface mining plant there.  In 1998, I slipped and fell on my back.  I injured my lower back and neck.  As time went by the injury continued to my shoulder, down my arm and to my hand.  At times the pain was intense.  I had an MRI done on my neck and also another done on my lower back.  On my neck they found a symptom called spinal stenosis.  The only thing they could do was to operate and I did not like the odds they gave me. 

I decided to do some research on alternative options.  My wife found some information on spinal stenosis and spinal decompression.  It just so happens that years before my nephew had back problems and had told me about Dr. Arnie Deltoff and how his treatments helped him out big time.  I contacted Arnie and made an appointment with him.  He was very informative on what he was going to do and he was very honest with me.  I have been seeing him for three weeks now [note: Gerry has been receiving daily treatments] and I am almost finished with my treatments.  

Was it worth the trip to Toronto?  All I can tell you is that I feel more energetic, I am walking a lot better, I could go on and on.  If you are having back or neck problems, I highly recommend Dr. Arnie Deltoff.  Do not live through pain when you don’t have to.  Thank you very much to Arnie and your team that also helped me out.” 

2 weeks post treatment Gerald emailed me: “The treatments really helped because we went with some couples to dine and dance and I was able to dance not too bad and I just wanted to thank you for that.

Vicky F., North York

I was diagnosed with foraminal stenosis 6 years ago and was advised by medical doctors that there was little they can offer other than a risky back surgery or pain killers.  I also was told  I should adjust to a new, very  limited lifestyle, which I refused to do.  So, I tried different methods of alternative medicine.  Spinal decompression worked well for me and the terrible back, neck, shoulder, hip and leg pain and numbness gradually subsided. 

Recently, some of the symptoms came back.  I did my research in regards to choices of spinal decompression machines.  Fortunately, I found Dr. Arnie Deltoff who offers a unique Antalgic-Trak spinal decompression chair.  Well, just in 10 sessions, each followed by chiropractic adjustments, I am out of my misery and back to enjoying life!  Granted, the treatment is not cheap, but I would rather spend less money on material things in order to regain the quality of life.  Thank you, Dr. Deltoff.

William S.

I had recurring stiffness and occasional acute pain in my lower back.  Playing sports, even picking up things off the floor became a painful task.  I took a series of spinal decompression treatments at Welcome Back over a period of 1 month.  3 weeks after the last treatment, my acute pain has subsided.  I am still stiff but the pain relief has made the treatments very worthwhile.  Thanks Arnie!

Lorne K., Toronto

I played sports at least 3 times a week and then one day I threw out my back due to a compressed disc and a pinched sciatic nerve.  It was to the point that certain mornings I could not get out of bed without assistance.  I went to numerous chiropractic and acupuncture appointments that relieved the issues for a couple of days at a time but no long term solutions.  Then my friend told me about the spinal decompression at Welcome Back and after 2 weeks of treatment (3 times per week), I was back to my normal routine.

I re-aggravated the injury about 4 months later, the weekend before I was set to go to Algonquin for a weekend long canoe trip.  I went to see Dr. Deltoff and 3 decompression sessions accompanied by back/neck adjustments later (all in the same week), I was back to 95% and was able to enjoy my canoe trip pain free.  It has been a month since my last treatment and I am still playing sports at my regular level of participation.

Todd S., Scarborough

When I came to see Dr. Deltoff with my herniated disc, I was desperate to find a solution to the degenerated discs that I’ve had for years.  After several sessions with Dr. Deltoff and the Antalgic-Trak spinal decompression chair, not only am I moving more freely, that dull ache in my lower back is gone!  Thank you Dr. Deltoff.

Jason Gold, Toronto

There were many doubts when I first started because I have tried so many different things in the past.  This spinal decompression unit was the one and only thing that has helped me feel about 80-90% better.  It was a very pleasant experience working with Arnie and I would fully recommend Arnie and all of his recommendations.  I am very pleased with how I am feeling now.  My pain level was as high as 8.5-9 out of 10 before I started.  I couldn’t be happier.

Sander Gibson, Toronto

Unbelievable how quickly and effectively your treatment gave me relief & flexibility.  Many thanks, as always.

Mel F., Toronto

After being hospitalized with severe back nerve pain over a year after a car accident, I was diagnosed with a herniated disk.  Following my release from the hospital, I was basically bedridden and unable to move without a great deal of pain and medication.  I fortunately discovered Arnie Deltoff and began a regimen of treatments with him including decompression therapy.  Not only was his experience and technique all encompassing, but during my sessions I experienced a major breakthrough and became whole again almost overnight.  It is difficult to explain the feeling of getting up in the morning feeling virtually normal after over a year of pain and the prior 3 1/2 months of distress and discomfort.

There is no doubt in my mind that Arnie Deltoff and his decompression treatments, along with his additional skills, were the root cause of my recovery.  Although I still have some minor discomfort, and naturally worry about the future, I am now able to get back to a relatively normal existence and life. Thank you Arnie!!!

F. Greenidge, Toronto

Welcome Back Spinal Care Centre is a place of committed care and professional expertise from the front desk to the Antalgic-Trak chair.  I was consistently reassured of a positive movement towards improvement.  Thanks to Dr. Arnie and his staff for helping me with my painful condition post MVA (motor vehicle accident) and the difficulty of dealing with complex insurance protocol.  L’chaim!

Peter S., Toronto

When I first saw Dr. Deltoff, I had excruciating pain in my lower back. After 20 sessions on the spinal decompression chair, I am now virtually pain free.

Julie C., Toronto

After many years of low back pain and thousands of dollars spent on other treatments, I have finally found relief.  Dr. Deltoff had explained the benefits of spinal decompression 2 years ago but it was new to the market and I was unsure it would help my condition.  I chose to get physiotherapy and deep tissue massage instead.  After over 2 years of treatments, I was still suffering but my pain was reduced slightly.  I kept reading about decompression and finally decided to try it.  After a few treatments, my pain was reduced and my flexibility increased.  I have completed over 10 treatments (the recommended amount for my condition).  My low back pain has been relieved!!  I have greater flexibility and can resume regular activities again.  Welcome Back’s service is great!!

Kevin S., Toronto

The spinal decompression therapy available at Welcome Back took me in a period of 30 days from barely being able to function to living a fully active life with a wide range of activities & motion. I went from being hospitalized, unable to walk and on morphine for pain, to being largely pain free after my course of intensive treatment. That was almost two years ago now.

Since that time, when I feel things tightening up and my range of motion becoming more restrictive/painful, I have enlisted Dr. Deltoff’s help with periodic one-off “touch-up” treatments that have kept me mobile and pain free. The treatment worked really well for me when I thought I was out of options.

Siva S., Scarborough

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care on me.  I will never forget your kindness.  You  have changed my life a lot.  What a caring doctor you are.  I am truly thankful to have met you.  I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you have done for me.  You made me comfortable at all times.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Isla W., Toronto

Before I saw you, I could not even walk to the elevator in my condo.  I could not walk my dog.  I could not walk a city block and I could not have my children to dinner because the pain in my back was sooo bad just standing in the kitchen and taking the dishes out of the cupboard to set the table. Now, thanks to you I can do everything without pain.  It is wonderful living pain free again.  I feel like a new person.  Thanks a lot.

Linda G., Toronto

I was referred to the Welcome Back Centre from my own chiropractor. My husband and I met with Drs. Arnie and Marshall Deltoff.  We were very impressed with the office and everything at your fingertips.  Arnie showed us the Antalgic-Trak chair and I was very skeptical.  Was I wrong?  This decompression chair has changed my life. I could barely walk the first time I went to see them.  I was suffering from sciatica.  In less than 10 visits I am pain free, I do have the occasional ache, but oh what a difference.

I highly recommend a visit and learn about this remarkable chair.  Dr. Arnie Deltoff is very professional and has your best interest and care always first.

Susan S., Toronto

I came to see Dr. Arnie Deltoff after suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain, which prevented me from driving and the ability to participate in normal daily activities. I was unable to move my head to either right or left unless I turned my complete upper body.

Strong medications to control my pain caused problematic side effects, and with physiotherapy my pain worsened.

At my consultation I was given a complete assessment and a trial session on the Antalgic-Trak decompression machine. After 20 treatments I am now free of shoulder pain with minimal neck discomfort. I have gained almost 100% neck rotation and have been able, over the weeks of treatment, to resume all my previous activities pain-free.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Deltoff at the Welcome Back clinic for my return to good health. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone suffering from similar problems.

Libby E., Toronto

Significant improvement since first visit; overall much less pain. Overall, this experience, although unusual, was very helpful.  The pain is almost completely gone.  Thank you Dr. Deltoff!

Bryan T., Barrie

I’ve had a herniated disc between C5-C6 for over a year, and have tried almost everything to find relief from numbness of my extremities and constant migraine headaches. Once I found out that surgery was not an option, I tried decompression therapy.  My headaches are now gone and, although I still have some more healing to do to get back to most of my normal activities, I am very pleased with the results I have had in a short period of time.  Thanks.

Alan S., North York

I haven’t felt this good in twenty years.  My pain level has been cut by 70 -75% I don’t have to worry every time I have to get out of a chair whether I’m in the car, a restaurant, a show, or anywhere.  After six months, I had a spat of back trouble. After only two sessions on the miracle table, my back is good again.  Thank you again, Dr. Deltoff.

Shaela G., Thornhill

I feel much improvement in my mobility.  Walking has improved significantly and so has my life.  I have more energy, less pain, and feel the treatments were successful for me.

Robert L., Scarborough

Prior to treatment, I had severe neck pain daily for over two months.  It was getting worse. My MRI showed four levels of disc bulges in my mid-lower neck.  I was so debilitated, that I had to sleep in a recliner and I could not drive or go to work.  The pain was sharp with numbness and tingling radiating down my left arm and into my fingers.  I had tried many other therapies which provided only very temporary relief.  I was willing to try anything to alleviate my pain without surgery.  I found Dr. Deltoff to be friendly, helpful, informative and knowledgeable.   He helped me to understand my injury and he was not pushy to commit to treatment.  I can now sleep in my bed and drive to work across the city.  I am now able to spend 3 hours on the football field coaching my son’s team.  For anyone in pain, I say to come for an interview and don’t wait months for treatment.

Janet H., Brampton

I have suffered with lower back and leg pain for over 18 years.  I have tried many options to relieve the pain and had turned to using prescription Tylenol #3 over the long term.  I was unable to lift, stand and walk for long periods.  My daughter saw the clinic and set up an appointment for me.  After 10 treatments I was pain free.  I am still pain free and I’m loving every moment of it.  Thanks Dr. Arnie.  I have my life back.  (note:  this patient had neurological foot drop which she no longer has)

Ken F., Toronto

I would like to thank you for treating my neck injury.  After several visits to my GP, and an orthopedic surgeon, I was still in considerable pain.  After seeing you, and receiving treatment, I’m happy to say the pain is gone and my range of movement has returned to 100%.  I would recommend that people with similar injuries try spinal decompression.

Dr. Scott M., chiropractor, Toronto

After having an accident three and a half years ago, I suffer from chronic low back and leg pain.  I have undergone many forms of treatment, including two low back surgeries.  Unfortunately, I still experience episodes of pain; during a particularly severe episode, I enrolled in the program.  I had tried spinal traction before with poor results.  But this spinal decompression was different.  To my delight, I experienced a significant reduction in pain within the first few sessions.