Spinal Decompression Toronto - Facet Syndrome
Facet syndrome, as it is typically called, is an inflammatory condition that is specific to the facet joints in the posterior region of the vertebrae.  As the name implies, it is a “syndrome” which consists of several symptoms with multiple interlinked causes.  The cause of facet syndrome is thought to occur due to:
hyperlordosis (hyper-extended spine) which pinches on pain sensitive tissue, or
degeneration of the joints causing laxity (loosening) of the joint capsule which can lead to a type of spinal stenosis called lateral canal stenosis.


Lateral canal stenosis can cause “pinching” of the spinal nerve as it exits your spinal cord to send signals along the extremities (arms/legs) causing arm/leg pain and/or numbness/tingling.  Further degeneration of the facet joints will cause bone spurs.  This can lead to another type of spinal stenosis called central canal stenosis.  When this occurs, it is not the spinal nerves that are “pinched” (as in lateral canal stenosis), it is the actual spinal cord.  Central canal stenosis can cause a variety of symptoms depending on which level of the spine is affected.