Spinal Decompression Toronto - Stenosis

Stenosis is a process describing “narrowing” of a structure.  The most familiar example is heart disease where the opening of an artery to the heart narrows which may result in a heart attack.  Similarly, the canal that surrounds the spinal cord and the spaces that surround the exiting spinal nerves are also subject to narrowing.  This usually occurs secondary to arthritis or degenerative disc disease or it can occur congenitally (from birth).

Arthritis causes biomechanical changes to your spine which result in bony outgrowths called osteophytes (bone spurs) and calcification (turning to bone) of ligaments.  These structures narrow the opening that contains the spinal cord and spinal nerves.  The end result is “pinching” of these sensitive neural structures.

The typical presentation is a patient in their late 50’s or older.  The main complaints are back and leg pain.  The pain is either in one leg or both and is not specific.  Leg pain is often initiated during walking and is relieved after resting 15 to 20 minutes or bending forward at the waist also called flexion.