Today’s tips build on our last video regarding standing with balance.  When you are lifting an item, it is very important to use your legs and not your back.  

NEVER bend forward at the waist to lift an item; this position alone creates a huge load on the spinal discs.  When adding extra weight, this can create injuries such as disc bulges or herniations.

Instead, get down to the item bending your knees.  Keep your feet shoulder width apart with one slightly in front of the other to give you side to side and front to back balance.  Alternatively, use the technique below and get down on one knee.  Keep the item close to you when lifting.

Once you have lifted the item, make sure you don’t twist your body to move it from one place to another.  This again can cause back pain.  Always use your whole body.  Move your feet to where you want to go and face the place you want to put the item.  This will minimize the stress on your back.  Check out our video below.

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30 Second Back Tips: Proper Lifting

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