Every day, practically everyone you see is on their cell phone.  And much of the time is spent either on social sites or playing games.  Look around and notice their posture.  In fact, take a look at your own.  Often you are slumped forward, head down, shoulders compressed and your fingers pecking like chickens that just got fed.

This video explains some aspects of keeping proper posture when utilizing your cell phone for extended periods. 

Here is an interesting finding about neck strain.  An article written in Surgical Technology International by chief surgeon Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj, demonstrated that increasing the angle of flexion put a huge strain on the neck.  The typical weight of your head is around 10-12 lbs.  15 degrees of flexion increases that to 27 lbs of strain on the neck, 30 degrees increases it to 40 lbs and up to 60 degrees gives a load on the neck of a 60 lb head.  In this position, most of the force is on the discs.  Increased load and wear and tear on the discs can lead to early disc degeneration, herniation and neurological signs and symptoms.

So here are some tips for ergonomic use of your phone:

  • try not to use your phone or tablet for extended periods
  • take frequent breaks,
  • try to raise you phone instead of lowering your head,
  • look down with your eyes instead of bending you neck
  • use the pads of your thumbs to type, not the tips
  • alternate using your thumbs to type and your fingers (you can type by putting your phone down on a surface or hold with one hand and type with the other)
  • sit with proper support
  • stretch

And if you do have any pain, stiffness or numbness and tingling in the arms, for example, make sure you see your health professional for an assessment to correct little problems before they progress.

Watch our video for more information and a demonstration.

30 Second Back Tips – Proper Posture when Playing on Your Phone

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