We spend approximately one quarter to one third of our time sleeping.  So, imagine how important it is to sleep with good posture to relieve pressure on our spines.  Generally, the best positions to sleep are on your back or sides.  Sleeping on your stomach is not a preferred position to sleep as this does not allow for support of your spine; as well, you must turn your head which puts a twist in your neck that is maintained for many hours.  This can cause muscle imbalance as one side would be contracted while the other is lengthened.

While sleeping on your back, you may want to put a small pillow or roll under your knees in order to flex your pelvis and relieve pressure on your back.  This is especially true if you have lower back pain.

Side lying is also preferable as you can bend your hips and knees to relieve the stresses on these areas.  When lying on your side, it is important to keep the top leg even with or behind the bottom leg.  If your leg twists over your bottom one, this also puts a twist in your lower back which, again, can lead to a muscle imbalance.  If need be, use a pillow between your knees.

Finally, it is important to use a good orthopedic pillow, one that “fills the gaps” of your curved spine (for back lying) and between the neck and shoulder (for side lying).  I recommend a water pillow because you can alter the amount of liquid and it shifts as you sleep if you change positions.

Have a look at our newest 30 second back tips regarding proper sleeping posture.

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30 Second Back Tips: Proper Sleeping Position

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