Spinal Decompression - Antalgic-Trak

Spinal decompression is an advanced form of traction therapy.  With computer assistance, the spine is gently stretched and released helping to rehydrate degenerated discs and to relieve pressure from bulging discs. 

Antalgic-Trak is a unique spinal decompression device.  It is the only decompression chair in the world and we are the only clinic in Toronto to offer this revolutionary therapy.  Antalgic-Trak is different from all other decompression devices.  First, the therapy can be done at any angle which is helpful if you cannot lie in a horizontal position.  Decompression can be performed in all ranges of motion (eg. side bending or rotation) allowing us to reach all aspects of the discs and joints.  As well, the computer programming is extremely versatile, allowing us to treat conditions that are acute or chronic.

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Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument

Some people either do not like getting manual adjustments (with the 'popping' or 'cracking' sound) or cannot have it done.  With this in mind, people can be adjusted with an instrument which eliminates the twisting or bending which is sometimes necessary with manual adjusting.

The Impulse IQ is a highly sensitive electronic adjusting instrument.  Microprocessors allow the device to receive feedback while applying comfortable microadjustments to the joint.

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